Reading Fun Quick Five

This week’s Reading Fun Quick Five, courtesy of Rakes and Rascals and Books and Reading Wednesday — Some Questions by Mishka Jenkins. Clicking on the titles will lead you to the Amazon accounts.

1. Which novel are you currently reading and who is the author?


Someone to Watch Over Me by Lisa Kleypas

2. What is the opening line of the book?

From the moment Grant Morgan saw the woman, he knew that — despite her beauty — she would never be any man’s bride.

3. What are the hero and heroine’s names? (on the remote chance you’re not reading a romance, give the name of the main character).

Grant Morgan and Vivien Rose Duvall

4. What is the first sentence of the second paragraph in Chapter 9?

And the heat, the gossip, the plague of insincere social smiles, the melange of grease-and-sugar-based pomades and heavily applied perfumes.

5. What’s next on your TBR pile?


Where Dreams Begin by Lisa Kleypas

 If you’re game, please feel free to join in and share your reading interests!

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