Let the Countdown Begin!

One more day.

Just one.

Approximately twenty-eight hours from the time of this post until season two of . . .

The Musketeers!



This fan of the weekly drama on BBC America can’t wait and remains intensely ecstatic!

Yes, it’s been done before, over a number of decades, and with different versions of the same thing being retold in various decade-appropriate formats, but I certainly don’t mind.

And while I’m not a huge fan of having 21st Century thinking or ideology being instilled by the writers into the minds and actions of characters who are supposed to be living in 17th Century France, this series is an exception.

The four actors portraying this band of brothers are all charismatic in their own right, but it is even more amazing when someone who doesn’t immediately please the eye somehow manages to work their way into my soul and make me think otherwise after only a few episodes (or scenes) of seemingly inconsequential effort.

There are enough heart-stopping moments when I’ll be led to think one outcome is inevitable and then be either sorely disappointed or laughingly startled to discover just how wrong I’d been to assume anything at all, and for me, that’s just plain fun TV.

Now for the fun stuff.

Of the four men: the ancient super-heroes who easily transcend time with their exciting tales of daring do . . . my favorite?

Betcha can’t guess, so here’s a hint.




Howard Charles as Porthos

Howard Charles as Porthos

Like my own heroes in my own novels, I tend to favor the softy with plenty of brawn, maybe not a lot upstairs, but with a heart of gold who will die without hesitation to save someone else.

This guy grew on me until he had me heart, mind, body, and soul.

When I thought he was going to die in an episode of season one, I shed tears and paced the floor until everything worked itself out.

A close second in this man-candy race . . . betcha can’t guess this, either.




Santiago Cabrera as Aramis

Santiago Cabrera as Aramis

A fan favorite for sure and with definite (and obvious) reasons galore.

He’s the reason why I’m eager to get this season 2 underway. That baby is his, and I don’t think this is a spoiler, either. As I already mentioned, this team of writers has a knack for starting something big and then detonating a bomb, so . . .

Now for #3 on my list of male interest.

L’ing OL right now. This post has just brought to mind something similar I’d done about five years ago, and at my other blog about Asian Dramas.

I rated the three leads in Taiwan’s Meteor Garden, Japan’s Hana Yori Dango, and Korea’s Boys Over Flowers series dramatized in those respective nations.

I thought they were all decent in their own ways of representing the same Manga series, but I did have a favorite and like now, with The Musketeers, I tended not to go with the popularity flow regarding the leads.

Even at my age, I can’t help myself sometimes. That shallow mentality of mine just forces itself to shine through on occasion. 😀

Anyway, here’s my third pick in the leading man category.




Tom Burke as Athos

Tom Burke as Athos

He is a bit too soft-spoken and haughty for my taste, and yet he managed to work his way up to swoon proportions as the series got underway.

Perhaps what is being led up to here is the fact that these men are excellent actors who give the impression of enjoying working together, thus enabling 100% effort on their part to make this series what it really shouldn’t ought to be and yet is — in a big way — like three, different countries producing their own version of the Hana Yori Dango (Manga) series.

Neither series should be as popular (at least not with me) and yet the casting proved too much to resist.

So, that leaves one, last leading man then.

Luke Pasqualino as Dartagnan

Luke Pasqualino as D’Artagnon

Not that I enjoy him the least because he’s great eye-candy, don’t you think?

Just slightly too typical in that regard is all. It’s obvious just by looking at him that he’d be the #1 fan favorite, right?

He’s cute and a good actor. In the book version it’s really his story being told, too. In this BBC America series, he comes late to the troupe but makes a lasting impression. He’s the lady-killer we’d all like to see more in the way of shirtless scenes, too. 😀

I’m a huge fan of his hair and eyes, okay?

Long hair, clean-shaven, and depthless eyes KILL me, I must admit. He’s just not doing it for me the way our Sir Chaz manages, and with a lot less effort and flaunt, too.

So there you have it. My run-down of the main reason why I’m hooked on this series and why I can’t wait for tomorrow night to get here!

Go, Swashbuckler Dudes, Go!

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  1. Ah, man candy- I mean The Musketeers… 😀 A great show!

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