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(Highland Heather Romancing a Scot Series Book 1)

Collette Cameron’s Triumph and Treasure received 4 of 5 stars as a well-written and exciting page-turner filled with anxious moments, gentle romance, and one of the most dashing hero’s to come along in the world of Regency.

This treasure is a triumph for author, Collette Cameron.

Angelina definitely has it rough from the very start, falling for the wrong man and ending up in a desperate situation until fate leads her to the dashing hero, Flynn, Marquis of Luxmoore.

Flynn is a real charmer in as unpretentious a way as any romance author would hope to have portrayed.  Handsome, thoughtful, and possessing a teasing sense of humor.

The Marquis has troubles of his own, and a woman of desire he now must forgo in order to save his family.

Flynn and Angelina are put together by a scheming Earl, her uncle, and it is through a series of misadventures that the two end up growing in love and happiness.

You can buy this and Collette’s other novels here.

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