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I thank you for hopping over from Fiona Ripley’s blog.

I’m also glad to have finally found the time to participate in another hop. I always manage to miss out on the fun stuff — writing a 300 word piece using 3 specific words. 😦

. . . one day, maybe . . .

Alright, so this week, Sarah Hegger wants us to tell about our three favorite book boyfriends and why — from any novel’s we’ve read.

Great question! Here are my answers:

#3 is Sam Kerrigan in Exposed to Passion by Gemma Brocato


Sam is just about everything a woman could hope for in a man — especially a man who finds you attractive and wants to get to know you better.

He’s sexy in a casual, no-nonsense way and I couldn’t help being drawn to him right from the start of this novel.

Unassuming, focused, yet observant when it comes to his love interest.

Sam has all the charm and personality of the ideal man. He’s thoughtful and patient yet no saint, and even a little careless, but that only ADDED to his charm 😀

For once I wasn’t hoping he would dump Nikki and go after me instead — meaning both leads were worthy!

Until Forever-JL#2 is Thorn from Until Forever by Johanna Lindsey

Thorn is an ancient viking warrior trapped inside a cursed sword, and whomever ends up in possession of the sword gets to use him for any purpose imaginable.

Of course, he’s not happy being under anyone’s thumb, much less the victim of an evil woman’s ancient spell.

He’s moody, dangerous, and extremely funny as an ancient suddenly forced into servitude in modern times. He’s naturally sexy, manly head to toe, and bossy yet willing to let a modern woman far removed from his way of life lead him by the nose.

Thorn was fun, surprisingly believable, and with enough good qualities to make me wish and hope there would be some logical way for him to turn up as a modern-day hero after having the spell broken.

Seduce-me-At-Sunrise-Lisa-Kleypas-historical-romanceMy #1 book boyfriend — for a number of juicy, scintillating reasons — is Merripen from Seduce Me at Sunrise by Lisa Kleypas.

*Sigh* My moody, quiet, observant Merripen.

Merripen kept everything bottled up inside him, but it wasn’t possible for him to hide the way he felt about Winnifred.

For years he did little things without being asked or told in order to make her life a bit easier and less mundane. He protected her without making it seem obvious how he felt, and he never once voiced his opinion — not even in anger.

Merripen turned into a hulking stud who continued to work hard at raising the Hathaway standards of living while also catering to Win’s every need. And when it finally came time for her to go after him without fear of illness, it was Merripen who backed away for fear of harming her due to his dark past.

You may notice a slight pattern here with my taste and choice in leading men. All of them are the strong silent type, extremely attractive, dark features, and more mindful than active.

These guys are actually quite physically active, to the point of over-exertion at times, but not when it comes to women, emotion, and attraction. They’re not stalker methodical and yet they tend to show feeling through gesture or eye contact rather than with words or by initiating sex.

It is with their eyes and facial expressions — sometimes even tone of voice — that offer up more knowledge about them and their feelings than any knee-jerk response or git-er-done behavior. Selfless yet determined types.

There is no arrogance, bravado, or pomposity involved, but don’t misunderstand me. I have also adored some of the most frustrating, infuriating, and downright chauvinistic male leads ever to be written into make-believe life. They also manage, somehow, to wriggle their way into my heart and make me root for them regardless.

The three book boyfriends I admire most manage to involuntarily make the female lead go after them for sex by simply being who they are and by behaving as they do around the woman they desire, and I find that to be extremely sexy! 😀

And now, please hop on over to visit Eden Ashe and find out which three male leads she chose and why.

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4 Responses to Romance Writer’s Weekly Blog Hop

  1. sarahhegger says:

    Love me a Lisa Kleypas man


  2. I just read Exposed to Passion, and yes yes yes. Sam indeed! =)


  3. Loved Gemma’s Sam. Will check out the other 2 heroes. Thanks Raine!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. gemmabrocato says:

    Wow- I just saw that you’d included Sam in your book boyfriend list. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

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