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Thank you for hopping on over from Elizabeth Janette’s post about what she is most thankful for this year. Here is my reply to that same question.

* * *
Since deciding (reluctantly) to join this week’s hop, I’ve had a difficult time (again) trying to come up with as honest and succinct an answer as I can.

Expected response: family, friends, etc. But, that isn’t entirely the case for me. Yes, I adore my two children and don’t honestly have a clue as to what my life would be without them. I am eternally grateful for their existence and always will be.

Wishy response: my health, job, home, etc. Of course I’m grateful to be alive and in relatively normal health, but . . . I don’t have a home to call my own, my health is slowly starting to deteriorate, and . . . y’know what? I am truthfully and emotionally thankful that I found work this year.

Trouble is, after six years of unemployment, losing a home, and having my family ripped apart, I can’t seem to shake the underlying fear of having it all come back full circle. Losing this job, or worse.

I’m thankful for having finally decided to run with this need to publish a romance novel, get it done after much heartache, sweat, and tears, and actually know people are purchasing it AND enjoying it! 😀

Is that being thankful? I sure hope it is. Now, I want to be thankful that I can finally say I’m thankful and mean it 😉

Okay, no more S.A.D., holiday-depression, angst-ridden remarks. Let’s all hop QUICKLY on over to Dani Jace and see what she is thankful for this year!

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6 Responses to Romance Weekly Blog Hop

  1. J.R.Richardson says:

    Big love Rai and hopefully next year there will be even more to be thankful for xoxox

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  2. sarahhegger says:

    You have courage, my friend, and you have people at your back.

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  3. danijace says:

    After what you’ve been through being apprehensive is to be expected. Sounds like you’ve got an iron will though! God Bless and enjoy some time for you and your writing.

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  4. Ronnie Allen says:

    Keep the faith and you’ll make it.

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  5. jjdevine says:

    My prayer for you dear friend is for 2015 to be a wonderful year!!!

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  6. It can be hard to see the good sometimes, but it’s a great thing to try and do 🙂

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