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Thank you for hopping over from Victoria Barbour’s blog. This week the question asked is Tell us your favorite seasonal dish!

I’m not a huge fan of holidays but don’t want to dump here and depress the hell out of everyone.

great-stuffingTo answer this question, I will humbly admit to adoring and devouring my mother’s meat stuffing.

It isn’t quite as common as I once believed. As I got older and started venturing out into the world of other homes, other family holidays, and other traditional dishes, it was soon realized that a majority of the world prefers bread stuffing.

Now, bread stuffing, for me, came in a blood red box with bright yellow lettering on it, so to say I’m not a huge fan would be an understatement.

The more bread stuffing I ate, real or otherwise, the less interested I became until I found myself craving mom’s meat stuffing even when it was May or August . . . nowhere near holiday time.

Instead of writing down ingredients with precisely measured oz, pinch, tsp, or tbs, my mother makes me watch her do it her way. That’s who she is and how she rolls. No one is better than her at anything, so writing it down is moot. It’s inside her head, and unless I blink (which is likely) I’m liable to miss something and screw up (her point exactly) . . .

. . . if you’ve ever watched an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, and Raymond’s mother seems like a bitch to Debra to you, that’s my life but on both sides. My own mother and my ex mother-in-law.

I had two Marie’s.

Anyway, this meat stuffing is 1 part ground beef and 1 part pork mixed together with 4 eggs, about a 1/2 can or 1/2 a dried loaf of bread crumbs (seasoned), diced celery, chopped liver, a 16oz can of chicken broth, a mix of mushrooms, a diced onion, not too heavy on the mashed garlic clove, and whatever seasonings to taste — celery salt, salt/pepper (of course), and that smorgasbord seasoning thing that I don’t like or use.

She once told me that chicken broth replaced pet milk, and since I have no idea what pet milk is or why I would want to buy or use it, I’ve stuck with the broth 😀

This combination may seem like a meatloaf to some, but you don’t smoosh it together into a loaf. Instead, you leave it loose and continue to chop at it during the 350° cooking time of at least two hours, basting with the turkey juices at will.

The dressing is stuffed inside the turkey as well as being set aside to cook on its own, and since I’m not a fan of turkey at all (tastes like blood to me) I opt for a heaping helping of the stuffing, a side of cranberry sauce made from scratch (by yours truly), and a dollop of mashed potatoes. After buttering a biscuit, I whip everything together and eat it like a hash.

Thanks for hopping over and reading my work. Now, let’s go visit Rhenna Morgan and find out what her favorite holiday dish is!

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12 Responses to Romance Writer’s Weekly Blog Hop

  1. sarahhegger says:

    I make a similar stuffing with apples, sausage and brea (sorry)

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  2. An interesting recipe, to be sure. =) I’ve had something similar made with chouriço, broa (a drier, more dense version of corn bread) and greens.

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  3. That sounds intriguing! I’ve never heard of meat stuffing, but I bet it’s good.

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  4. gemmabrocato says:

    I’ve had oyster stuffing before, but not meat stuffing. I was looking at your recipe and thinking how good it would be mixed in with eggs in a breakfast casserole. I’ll try it that way and let you know.

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  5. carolynspear says:

    My M-I-L is the same with the recipes. I’ve imagined her more than once as Marie and I don’t put it past her to omit a spice or two when she gives me a recipe.

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  6. I’ve never tried meat stuffing. It sounds yummy!

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  7. J.R.Richardson says:

    Dude that sounds tasty and I am dying at your two Maries. Debra! DEBRA!

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  8. Ronnie Allen says:

    That’s a lot of work for sure! My mother in law made a meat stuffing with rice for inside the bird. My mom was the Marie. Wouldn’t let anyone else in the kitchen with her.

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    • RaiBal says:

      Hi Ronnie, and thanks for stopping by. I’m curious to know people’s reaction when you tell them that because I ended up being a liar about her as a result. Too many terrified stares, thoughtless remarks, and such that I had no other choice. Whenever I slip and let it out that she never let me or my sister in the kitchen, the same reaction: horrified stares and then a lot of thoughtless remarks that make me feel worse 😦


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