Cover Reveal & Novel Release

Today is the Day! 😀

My completed manuscript is now available for purchase.

This was a massive undertaking two years in the making, and with a lot of glitches, hiccups, and heartache in the process. But, it’s done. Over. Finito. The end. I’m moving on to the next manuscript and not going to look back — good or poor reviews. It is out there and will remain out there for the duration come what may.

To all of you who continued to stick with me, kept me going with your encouragement, and offered positive feedback and helpful support and kind words, I thank you from the bottom of my humbled heart.

Title: Sing to Me

Word Count: 80,440

Chapters: 29

Cover Reveal Event: in progress and featured on the following websites:

Cover design: by Melody Simmons of eBookindiecovers — magnificent job and many thanks, Melody, for your patience and hard work.

Sing To Me changed OTHER SITES

Links to Purchase: Smashwords or Amazon

Short Description of Work:

Accompany Vocalist Liv Beckman is suddenly faced with a past she worked hard to forget. When attractive Recording Artist Neal Hendrix enters the studio, Liv is tossed into a whirlwind of confusing emotions. After eight years, popular Neal Hendrix can’t believe his good fortune when he sees the woman he never forgot. He’s been give a second shot at love, and Neal can’t lose this time around.

Long Description:

After learning how to move on after the tragic events of her past, the last person Accompany Vocalist Liv Beckman ever expects to see again suddenly re-enters her life. When her first kiss, a tall, dark, and utterly gorgeous man, walks into the recording studio, those memories and that kiss resurface to send Liv into a whirlwind of unstable emotions.
Composer and former lead guitarist Neal Hendrix is anxious to have The Voice sign up for his latest video game OST and manages to track the reclusive singer down through a series of ads that appeared alongside his email during their lengthy correspondence. It was the only way he could contact the ultra-private woman, but those prying ads paid off in a big way.
Upon entering the only recording studio in a quaint tourist town in Northern Lower Michigan, Neal is stunned to see his first love, the beautiful blond with soulful, green eyes he had impulsively kissed his first day at a new high school back in Los Angeles.
Sparks reignite — and fly between them. The reluctant beauty Neal never forgot has again caused the popular musician to behave on impulse. After eight years of wondering and searching, Neal isn’t about to just turn and walk away: even if Liv seems just as determined to make it happen.
Despite her underlying feelings for the attractive man who turns out to be a bit of a throwback knight with chivalrous tendencies, Liv just can’t see herself becoming involved with someone as famous as Neal. And despite the desire that still consumes him after eight years, Neal needs to come to terms with his own demons if he hopes to get what he really wants: the woman he can’t seem to erase from his troubled heart.

Official Release Date: October 11, 2014

A coincidental cool aside: This morning I stood in line behind a girl wearing a hoodie jacket with the word NEAL above the #11 embroidered on the back.  😀


From 10-11-14 onward, all of my published work and information on them, including excerpts, will be posted at Rain’s Writing, which I’m currently referring to as my website — until I am able to afford the purchase of a real or domain website.

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  1. wscottling says:

    Congrats! I just bought a copy through Amazon.

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