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So, I finished the Hathaway series of Lisa Kleypas novels, ending with the youngest member of the unconventional family, Beatrix Hathaway and her dashing yet PTSD stricken beau, Captain Christopher Phelan in Love in the Afternoon.

I am more interested in continuing with Ms. Klepas’s Bow Street Runners series, so I went online to search which of them I still need to read and found a very cute website devoted to the Hathaways. Beatrix in particular.

She adores animals and is good with them, becoming somewhat of a veterinarian animal whispered type — going completely against the Victorian era grain, if you will.

Anyway, at this website, there is a cute questionnaire about people as animal types, and I got the cat.

Beatrix says: You’re a cat

Gray-Cat-MorgueFile-Nov16th-2013Cats are elegant and graceful creatures with sharp instincts. They like to explore and try new things, and they have no problem going after what they want!

People who are cats tend to like attractive people, art, new experiences and sensual feelings.

Cats are often sexy and mysterious, and are deep thinkers. They are observant, so people don’t usually get away with much around them.

Cats are great at keeping secrets — especially their own! And although they don’t like to gossip, they are certainly willing to listen when other people do. If you are a cat, you have a lot in common with Harry Rutledge from Tempt Me At Twilight.

Now, the very last part struck me as odd, because while I adored Merripen best, there was something about Harry that still keeps him in my head. Definitely cat-like, that man.

After taking this quiz, I decided to take the second one regarding the Wallflower series, to discover which of the wallflowers I lean toward most. The link above offers a chance to take this quiz as well . . . it’s directly below Beatrix’s quiz.

You’re most like: Annabelle Peyton, from Secrets of a Summer Night

secrets-of-a-summer-night-lisa-kleypasYou are confident and determined, and you love beautiful things — especially when they are beyond your means. Clearly you require a husband who can afford you. Although you are high-maintenance, your affectionate and sentimental nature endears you to family and friends. On the rare occasions when you lose your temper, the storm passes quickly.

As the most romantic of heroines, you are destined to have a passionate love affair with a man who absolutely worships you. However, as you stubbornly pursue your goals, don’t forget that true love can be found when you least expect it!

Best trysting place: music room, Most flattering color: pink, Best Feature: your peaches and cream complexion.

I would agree more with Beatrix than with the Wallflower oracle but it certainly sounds exciting!

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