Five-Line Friday

sunset romance-3Collette Cameron‘s FANCIFUL AND FABULOUS FIVE-LINE FRIDAY post is up at her Blue Rose Romance website, and already there are eight responses.

And, again, I’m unable to add mine. For whatever reason, her website won’t acknowledge my WordPress account OR my Blogger account, nor will it recognize my Google account. I’m left with zero accounts afterward.

So, I’ve added the link to her page above and my submission below. Another excerpt from my current WIP that is still untitled but progressing rather nicely thanks to the Balabolka reader I installed and mentioned in a previous post.


“I kissed her,” Neal explained to the trooper. “I couldn’t help myself. It was my first day at that school, and I’d been surrounded by loud guys and pushy girls all day. My head ached and I was dying to get the hell out of there when she appeared.” He paused as Liv turned so that he was able to gaze at her in profile, blushing to see him smiling at her. “Like sunshine and a breath of fresh air,” he continued.


Word Count:  67,343

Chapters:  26

Thoughts:  the end is near! 😀


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