Five-Line Friday Excerpt Post

Alright, for the past few weeks now, I’ve been attempting and failing to post my 5-liner’s at Collette Cameron‘s website, Blue Rose Romance; the home of the original Fanciful and Fabulous Five-Line Fridays.

So I’m just going to have to post this game here and link you to her fun and always interesting FFFLF, where you’re encouraged to leave your own answer in the comment’s section of her blog.


  • Five lines from your current work in progress, new release, soon-to-be-released . . . whatever
  • Do keep it as close to five sentences as you can
  • You are welcome to post buy links
  • PG please

Here is my entry from the WIP I’ve been blogging about for months now. This is an early scene near the start of the first chapter.


Liv stood frozen and agape, feeling the heat of blush turn her cheeks pink as she gazed in shock at Neal Hendrix.
If there had been anyone from her past whom she would rather never see again, it was him: the guy who had innocently or otherwise started the miserable ball rolling that had destroyed what little in the way of a life Liv had at the time.
Seeing him again brought back the memories she still worked hard to erase, to let go of, or at least suppress from her mind.
First kiss. Her first kiss was standing in the doorway of the recording studio, and instead of being outraged, Liv could only gape at the attractive man with his still-long auburn hair that fell in thick waves about such broad shoulders.

Those who follow know I’m a sucker for these types of things — online push-type games — that are meant not so much as time for bragging rights and geared more toward helping to establish that sought-after following so many in the publishing world insist is vital to the success of any book marketing endeavor today.

Posting online excerpts is a way to help the budding author (me) show off their work in order to generate that following.

Here’s hoping it helps!

As always, thank you so much for stopping by — I do appreciate it and look forward to hearing what you have to say!

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