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believedOn this rainy, weather-transitional Wednesday evening here in Michigan, (the sky is turning that ugly, scary green now, and after having lost power three times last week, I’ll ask that you keep your fingers crossed with me, okay?) I feel the need to update blog. To get a few items out of the way so I’m better able to continue with this WIP revision without having to think about the need to blog with less infrequency than I’ve been doing lately.


Here are a few articles that are helpful to writers, and this week tended to deal with things pertaining to publishing: Indie-style or otherwise.

Paige Crutcher‘s My Self-Publishing Journey is a hauntingly déjà vu read but great in the affirmation aspect of self-publishing angst.

Asking other writers to read and blurb my book left me contemplating less painful careers — like becoming a stun gun tester or Scooby Doo villain. Instead I devised a plan: Procrastinate.

She sounds like me 😀


My original novel ended at around 85,000 words but this time around, not so much. I decided to search for answers to word count in order to better market and post this soon-to-be republished work back at Smashwords (and yes, perhaps even Amazon) although Smashwords does that work for me. They will publish your work EVERYwhere, including libraries across the country and e-reader providers around the world.

So, while doing this search, I found this great, informative post from Literary Rejections. Word Count  is a terrific find. Loaded with helpful advice and accurate guidance with regard to all things publication issue.

Romance: 40,000 to 100,000 – Since it has many sub-genres this genre can vary greatly depending on the story. Regency Romance, Inspirational Romance, Romantic Suspense and Paranormal Romance all have a minimum of 40k. But for mainstream romance novels the parameters are between 70K and 100K.

Which means I need to get my butt in gear and finish this rework in order to reach my projected release date of early October.


Finally, from Publishing . . . and Other Forms of Insanity comes this article about the best websites for Romance writers. Some are probably quite familiar to a few of you while others might not be, and either way, resources are resources and all of them are good news.

Having to hawk your wares even if going the traditional route means finding the best places to do that embarrassing yet necessary work.

It also pays to have great friends in high places  😉


Word Count: 56,233     Chapters: 14

Progress Scale: (0-10) 6

Thoughts: I seriously like where this rewrite is headed, where it’s been, and the necessary changes made in order to make the story more mine and less rules/guidelines/what’s out there now. I’m thoroughly pleased but especially with the fact that I no longer have those worrisome hang-ups about my writing style. With my son here to help, I look forward to approaching a traditional publisher as well.

Now, if I can just keep WRITING.


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