Books and Reading Wednesday

The Reading Fun Quick Five comes courtesy of Rakes and Rascals and Mishka Jenkins Books and Reading Wednesday — Some Questions.

Here are this week’s answers.

1. Which novel are you currently reading and who is the author?

Married by Morning by Lisa Kleypas


2. What is the opening line of the book?

Anyone who had ever read a novel knew that governesses were supposed to be meek and downtrodden

3. What are the hero and heroine’s names? (on the remote chance you’re not reading a romance, give the name of the main character).

Catherine Marks and Leo, Lord Ramsay

4. What is the first sentence of the second paragraph in Chapter 9?

As he had expected, the opiate sent him into nightmares, filled with creatures rising from the earth to claw and pull at him, tugging him down below the surface where red glowing eyes blinked at him in the dark.

5. What’s next on your TBR pile?

Midnight Angel by Lisa Kleypas


If you’re game, please feel free to join in and share your reading interest!


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