Tuesday Tales


How true this is for me. I spend far, too much time in contemplation than I do writing, and if more than a few days go by without typing anything, it becomes that much harder to get back into true writing mode.

Shame on me!

Okay, so moving right along, I’m going to post more thought, find, and update information like I did yesterday.

Let’s start with something romantic (any surprise?)!

This would make a terrific plot for a contemporary, I think.

Although it isn’t nearly as often that I find myself wasting precious writing hours watching Asian dramas online anymore, I still receive daily updates about them via my Facebook feed.

body-rain-best-everRain (Ninja Assassins/The Prince) recently announced his engagement to another Korean actress when suddenly news began surfacing about Megan Foxx (in Korea to promote TMNT) and her blatant interest in this guy.

According to news reports, Foxx said that Rain is her ideal man and went on to say why; using delicious description in reference to his well-toned body parts and an adorably cheesy smile.

Now, Rain has taken the ice-bucket challenge and when he finished dumping the chilly water over his head, he challenged none other than Megan Foxx to do the same.

Of course it is likely to be a lot of hype-hooey-hokum to drum up interest in something as unlikely as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Still, from a romance writer’s perspective, this can only become major fodder for the imagination mill!

Love triangle — betrayal becomes regret — doubt swirls until fate steps in to intervene — et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.


Okay, so yet another week passes where I’m too late to sign on for the weekly blog hop (sigh)


I’m going to answer this week’s question, courtesy of Kim Handysides, who asks about our first kiss. Memories, experience, emotions, and all that-there good/bad involving the momentous occasion.

To be perfectly honest, I cannot quite recall when that was or even with whom. Which RIGHT AWAY smacks of un- everything, doesn’t it? lol

I did get to kiss the guy of my dreams, though; my first crush and have diminishing but no less fond memories of that incredible experience.

It is more a recollection of him and less about the act itself. His touch, his appearance, where we were at the time, and even why it came about that we ended up in a steamy lip-lock (that didn’t lead to anything beyond 2nd base). My own body’s reaction to being in his embrace.

As for the kiss: it wasn’t my first because we were both in high school at the time, and I know I’d kissed a few lips prior — I just couldn’t tell you with whom or what it was like.

This actually bugs me, not knowing or remembering.

I do know how much I liked everything about that night with Tim, though.

Tim set the bar as far as my taste, preference, and appeal in the opposite sex. Tall, dark hair, gorgeous eyes. I notice these three elements before I do anything else, and then I slowly get to know the person who possesses these required features before deciding whether it’s a go or a no.

He was built so fine and — no lie — epitomized the features of a novel god that I find it extremely difficult to deviate from his norm in my own creation of the protagonist in my novels.

I can recall the first guy I had sex with and it wasn’t Tim.

Dave was the complete opposite: blonde, blue eyes that glowed in the dark, body-builder by trade, and with an exceptional (ahem). Fabulous night.

So, I’m able to recall my first love and my first go-all-the-way, but not my first kiss.

Now, to get this party started, please visit Nina Mason to find out all about her experience.

Great topic choice, Kim!

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