Monday Mish-Mosh


Truer words were never spoken.

Wish it were easier for me to get into a better writing routine than the one I’ve found myself muddling through since obtaining this website take-over job for an old friend. NOT complaining, of course. Thanking my stars time and again for this job, so it isn’t that I’m bumming and more that I feel guilty/bad about not posting here more often.

That being said, this is going to be a hodge-podge post about a few of the many things I’d like to mention, stuff that gave me pause for thought, and so-on.

First, this article I found last week posted on my Facebook feed. It is about readers who are missing major plot twists and turns by using a Kindle (online reader of any sort) rather than reading the same stories in a paperback/hardcover version.

Interesting, isn’t it? I use both, and after reading this article, I had to think about it for a few minutes, and they might be right. First, it’s easier to turn pages back and forth when you get confused, lost, or need clarification. Second, I find that using a Kindle is more like reading words than an actual novel, and this might be due to its newness right now, I’m not really sure. It’s like you’re not holding a book in your hand, so they are simply words strung together on a tiny screen. Takes something away from the experience.

The only thing I really LIKE about using a Kindle is weight. Right now I’m in the middle of Lisa Kleypas’s Prince of Dreams, and that sucker is thick. Might be one time when I can be thankful for farsightedness because I tend to stretch out my arm and rest that book atop my nightstand to read on my side in bed.

The Stephen King quote I used above is just a tiny reminder (to me) about not taking criticism too seriously. I’ve already told myself I’ll never again ask anyone under the age of 40 to review my writing, and not to get too upset with a majority of the remarks the youth set had made in the past that helped to convince me they haven’t READ anything other than their own work or that of someone they admire. When I read things like they don’t get a certain point referenced or they are confused and want to know this, that, and the other in the first few paragraphs of Chapter One, I can tell myself that even a master writer like Mr. King doesn’t believe in giving it all away in the first chapter of any novel.

Along these lines, I’m reminded of a few past articles and remarks made about using names or he/she to start a paragraph or even a sentence. They claim this is a no-no and shows lack of skill. I even had a critique at a website say as much, which was how I got interested in the topic and started some searching for answers.

Again, after reading lots and lots of novels, I’ve come to the conclusion that whoever started this complaint rolling is a ninny and needs to be silenced. Also to ask myself just how much these quotable gurus have read to be able to say such things. And, yes, I actually did a count in the five previous novels read and found that every author (NYTBS) used names and he/she at the beginning of a majority of their sentences. I wouldn’t consider any of them unskilled or amateurish, that’s for sure.

As for my latest re-write, it’s getting there.

Funny thing, though. My son (and task-master, coach, agent, and harshest critic) returned from his summer whirlwind tour of the west coast and Mexico. One of the first things he wanted to do was to look over my sales figures, and when I broke the news to him about my having taken the book down to rework it, he wasn’t pleased.

Then, as he started into the first few chapters of this rewrite, he wasn’t pleased, again.

He told me there are elements of both that worked great, but that the original story was written in a better, more fast-paced and A,B,C style than this new work. When I told him it was the A,B,C style that bugged me most, it didn’t go over so well in his mind. Also, he became my cheerleader in the ‘stop letting other people get to you’ department 😀

Personally, I’m more pleased with this new writing, and I intend to continue with it regardless. Can’t please everyone all the time is my new motto, too.


Word Count: 33,388 – Chapters: 9


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