It’s Been Awhile

a thousand reasons

That’s right, I spelled awhile as one word. (AP be damned)

I can’t believe how long it’s taken me to get back here to blog.

I can’t believe I suddenly became so busy that there was zero time to think, much less blog.

I don’t quite know how it happened, but everything started happening at once. I removed my novel to rewrite it. That’s going along beautifully and I’m pleased with the results thus far.

The 4th of July arrived — my favorite holiday here in the U.S. of A.

It’s not so much about seeing as it is hearing.

That came and went, a few super moons came and went, I got a job, and now here I am.

Wait, what? I got a job?

YES! I freaking got a job! And, it pays to advertise, even inadvertently, because it was through my daily Facebook posts about writing that I was given the job offer. A friend from back in the day is now a multi-millionaire and owns his own company. He asked me to take over their website, and I said Okay, I will.


I’ve got a damn j.o.b.

Amazing, isn’t it?

So, that’s been taking up a good portion of each day. And, I may as well admit while I’m admitting so much anyway, that I fell back on those stupid, time-wasting Facebook games, too.

Hey, not Farmville or Angry Birds or Candy Crush Saga. No, no, and no. I’m talking seek & finds and bingo.

Like that makes any diff, right? LOL

So, I spend a few hours a day fooling around clicking on hidden objects, bingo caller numbers, and Words of Wonder words. Shame on me, I know. It doesn’t matter, though, because once I get into the work/write routine again, it’ll be bye-bye to those apps and hello to writing/writing sun up to sundown.

Why is sun up two words and sundown is only one? Consistency needs to remain consistent.

Well, now that you know what I’ve been up to in all this time, let me say a few words about writing.

One day while going through another of those packing boxes I’ve mentioned before that have my stuff from when I used to live on my own, I came across a plastic box that contains about 12 CASSETTE tapes in them. Yep. I typed cassettes. Want to talk about old?

Excited to see them after so many years, I took it out to my car — which is old, too, and has a cassette player in it — and I took out an unmarked cassette (these are the kind I recorded on btw) and popped it into the player. Dozens of lifetimes have gone by since I last did something of this nature, and I wasn’t even confident the player would play, but it did and my eyes bugged out to hear Fascination by David Bowie fill my ears.

I cranked the stereo up near full-bore and bobbed in my seat while singing aloud with the windows down on such a gloriously sunny, hot summer day.

The 80’s returned to my mind with technicolor vengeance. High school, boyfriends, college, cruising the park, and music.

Anyway, along with all those memories I didn’t think were all that memorable until now, there were other songs on that cassette. Songs with lyrics. Lots of soul and R&B tunes from that era filled with heart, meaning, and that actually made sense. There was a reason why the lyricist wrote them in other words, and whoever sang them did so with gusto and brilliance.

No one today will understand what I’m talking about, so I’ll get to the point of this blog.

While I am unable to write novel material while listening to music with lyrics, it pays to listen to music with lyrics in order to get inspired to write. (Coming full circle in the it pays department)

Not that the song has to be your all-time favorite, and I don’t know that it should be something so wildly popular that anyone who reads your work will instantly recognize where your inspiration hailed, either. If you know the lyrics and can sing them, can feel the mood, and extra points if you can actually RELATE to them, the better.

I’m talking romance novels, of course, but I don’t see why other writers in other genres can’t have the same type of muse hit them under the same circumstance. Listening and then weaving a tale of your own. It happened to me, so I’ll bet it can happen to you.

Get a little Lalah Hathaway in your ears and see if I’m not telling the truth, y’all!

(more to come, I promise)


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