Writing 101, Day Seventeen

I’ve tried for years to write poetry and just can’t do it, so I’m borrowing. This, to me, is even further removed from my style as I can think to write. A billion pardons to J. Kilmer for this hideous attempt at being clever.

I know that I shall always be
A terrified coward when it comes to bees.

Bees whose skin-chilling buzzing sound
evokes deathly fear even before being found;

A bee that stings will find its way,
into my life nearly every blasted day;

A bee that may in summer bring so rotten
A painful black welt the size of a dinner plate upon my bottom;

Upon whose bosom I am to blame;
Who intimately targets with such searing pain.

Stings are made by fools like bees,

And it isn’t by remaining still that can make them flee.


About RaineBalkera

Aspiring Author of Romance
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