Longest Day of 2014


So, today will be the longest day of the year, and this year I can say with some truth that I’m as happy about this annual fact as I have been in all the years past. The mark of summer is something I have yet to get over and not think much about, and maybe because I live in a place where summer is rare; a fleeting event so as to bring on euphoric joy in this winter-weary, always chilly heart and soul of mine.

Today’s Prompt wants to know what I intend to do on this longest day of the year, and I’d like to say WRITING – out on the patio – basking in the glorious heat and sunshine of this first day of Summer, but that wouldn’t be entirely true, so I can’t. Yesterday was a dreary, miserable, cold and rainy day that sent me back into hoodie, fingerless gloves, and sweat pants apparel. I just couldn’t get or stay warm even with the space heater running.

Today promises to be blue skies and upper 70’s, but the damp remains inside the old walls of this house, so it’ll be a wait and see effort on my part. I’m still going to make my way around the block on foot, though, and hope none of the pitbull’s are roaming freely to terrorize me and make me wish I’d stayed indoors.

As for the Writing 101 Day 15 Challenge, yeah. So, I haven’t found any of their prompts to my taste this week. Yesterday’s had mild appeal, though, but I failed to submit on time. It said I will find my voice after writing about an event that ends up being taken over by madmen or cancelled indefinitely.


Every year we are threatened with the possibility of having the annual River Day’s Festival Fireworks cancelled due to lack of funds and, more likely, because of the bankruptcy scandal going on in Detroit. Still, it hasn’t occurred yet. The display continues year after year, though not nearly as grand as in years past. I’ve been attending this event since I was sixteen and started dating guys who drove cars. After marriage, it was me and the two kids, but on the Canadian side thinking it was a safer bet and because I tended to be a paranoid mom for illogical reasons.

Anyway, it’s a great place to be, on the riverfront, surrounded by thousands of strangers, people watching, eavesdropping on some damn interesting conversations, and listening to my favorite music while writing my manuscript pen and paper style until it gets too dark to see. By then, it’s just a matter of minutes before the fireworks are set off, so the day isn’t a total loss AT ALL.

DETROIT-FIREWORKS-2013-facebookThere used to be four barges on the Detroit River, and the ear-splitting show lasted for exactly 35 minutes. Now there are only 3 barges, and the display more resembles that of a county fair than something a metropolitan / international area would chip in to set off. Windsor isn’t broke, I don’t think. Why should Detroit’s money woes have an impact, I wonder? It’s actually Windsor (or Canada) that is responsible for this festival since it revolves around their Canada Day (July 1), so with their casinos and whatnot, maybe they should cover the cost of these fireworks for a change and bring back the good, old fashioned Holy Schnikes! aspect of the last Monday in June for a change. Eh?

So, there’s my challenge input. The event would be sorely missed, it is affected by corporate (and personal) greed, but just because it’s down for the count (again) doesn’t mean it will disappear forever . . . I hope.

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4 Responses to Longest Day of 2014

  1. Waqar Ahmed says:

    Hi.. Dear you said that you want to write this summer. would you please like to tell me what writing is to you.. I mean you write only for your self-satisfaction or you want to be a published author… ?

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    • RaiBal says:

      Hi Waqar – I’ve been writing manuscripts since I was a young teen but never thought to have anything published until this year. I already have a work self-published at Smashwords (it’s advertised on the right side of my blog). I also write for self satisfaction, though. Hence the creation of this blog (which is explained in the About at the top right side). Thanks for dropping by!


  2. Interesting interjections


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