Bad Me/Good Me

Okay, so I’m not playing the Writing 101 game anymore 😦
Bad me.

I’m trying desperately hard to reach the 50,000 words for JuNoWriMo but haven’t actually written anything since Sunday. 😦
Bad me.

I finished another Lisa Kleypas novel! Honestly, I can’t help myself. She’s a terrific storyteller, and I adore all of her characters. Manly but with plenty of charm and flaw. Still, this isn’t helping to expand my repertoire or knowledge of all things romance novel. Even if I don’t care for someone else’s style, I should be reading a variety of things from author’s I’ve never heard of before in order to gain better perspective about me and my style. I don’t, though. 😦
Bad me.

When I got home from the library yesterday, I discovered that YET AGAIN I’ve checked out a series novel – the fourth installment in a series of four — and now had nothing to read before bed last night. So today, I had to go back to the library, return book four, and then seek and find and check out the first one. 😦
Bad me.

I still don’t like poorly written, grammar-trashed anything. I still won’t apologize for this mindset, either. I spent the past few days (my brother is here again, and his loud, constantly talking isn’t conducive to writing romance) so I searched and downloaded a lot of free or excerpted material and scanned it for content. Nothing captured my imagination or made me want to read more – and a good portion (90% maybe) I didn’t read beyond the first, few sentences because of that dumbness I mentioned at the start of this paragraph. 😦
Bad me.

YA, werewolves, and dystopian society still don’t interest me, either.

I’m making every effort to cringe my way through trash novels, though! I’ve often heard that ALL romance novels are trash novels, and I take umbrage with that statement for obvious reasons. It isn’t trash unless the author makes it trashy. And, by trashy, we’re talking whips, chains, leather, smut, an element of gore, tons of role-play, and the author generally writing out her deepest, darkest fantasies for the whole world to read and comprehend. THAT is trashy. Others would describe it as being anything to do with sex.

Excuse me, but, Jane Austen wrote romance novels. Pushkin wrote one of the greatest romance novels I’ve ever read, too. No one seems to make the connection, though. Just because the genre sticks to guy & girl duke it out for the duration until happily ever after arrives doesn’t make the work itself useless, contrived, or not worth taking the time to read.

People who put down romance novels — especially those who’ve never read any — are making broad-based assumption and usually based on what they’ve heard, or from that one, bad experience back in high school that sent them running from another romance novel, ever. Sex is something that is inevitable in a romance novel, but the book itself isn’t written around or concentrated entirely on that act.

They are stories just like any other genre, with people in them who live work-a-day lives and do things outside the bedroom a majority of the time. That time is usually spent getting to know the other person, wondering how best to approach, and then having to deal with other aspects of their lives while also trying to start a lasting relationship that leads to something of substance. Some have a mystery tossed in for effect and others might involve elements of suspense, mayhem, or science fiction. To say that the entire novel revolves around love, the couple, their bedside manner, and all things private is a bit much.

Brother went back home, the violent weather blew through overnight, taking with it the heat and humidity (though I enjoyed those two days of sweltering in the low 90’s, thank you very much), I have my first of four novels by my favorite author to look forward to reading before bed tonight, and with the house quiet once more, I’m going to dive back into this latest manuscript and see if I can’t knock out another 10 or even 20,000 words today 🙂
Good me!

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8 Responses to Bad Me/Good Me

  1. wscottling says:

    Try going further back than the stuff that’s written today. Most of what you’ll find today is supernatural (I kinda like some of it, but not all of it), and a lot of it is very formulaic, Here are a couple that I ran across while looking at other things:

    The Gentle Art of Cooking Wives – it’s from 1900, but it’s a romance. You might find it interesting how the genre has changed (or not), but I thought it was a fun read.

    The Mountains of Allah (if you can find a copy) is also an older book (from the 1950’s) that’s pretty interesting and a good way to see how romantic novels were written way back when.

    I usually pick up older bodice-rippers at thrift stores and a lot of them turn out to be interesting reads (like the Mountains of Allah, which was totally NOT a bodice-ripper). And if I don’t find them interesting, I only wasted 25 cents on them, so no great loss. Right?

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    • RaiBal says:

      I’ve read these as well. Bodice rippers don’t do anything for me anymore, though. That was so 70’s! LOL Today’s reads were what this post concentrated on, and while the writers have changed dramatically, so has the content. I can tell immediately when the writer is in her teens/twenties versus someone older, settled into her craft, and took the time to do a bit of research. They are few and far between, sadly.


  2. Harliqueen says:

    I get so annoyed when I realise I have got a later book in a series I didn’t realise was a series too 😀

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    • RaiBal says:

      Argh! Right? I refuse to read the middle of anything. I learned my lesson well and will forever go online in search of series prior to checking out another book! 🙂 Hey, is it okay to blog about other writer’s from the Facebook group? Like, if I read your books or the excerpts and wanted to let others know, is it okay to do that here? I’d need permission first, right? Like, maybe the author doesn’t like my page or doesn’t think I have enough (or the right) followers? I’m leery about such things. I’d have plugged yours if I thought it was acceptable to do (name drop, that is).


      • Harliqueen says:

        I name drop all the time and link to others 😀 I figure it’s a nice way to support each other by linking to their books and giving shout outs and things 🙂 Can’t see why anyone would get upset about that!

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  3. Put It Together 4 U says:

    😦 I’m going to miss your blogs from Writing 101, but I get where you’re coming from. Focus your energies where they are needed the most. Blogging University isn’t going anywhere, and, should the opportunity return, the option is always there for you! 😀 I’m so glad we connected through the course! I will be following along (only five more days left, and then it’s back to business!)

    ~ Angela

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    • RaiBal says:

      I haven’t run away, Angela – this was just a bad week for me. I still check the daily prompt and hope upon hope that it’s something I can participate in. My mind is centered on my latest manuscript, so I’m probably being foolish to want to concentrate solely on that and nothing else that taxes the mind 😉 I DO read everything the others post, including your work, so we’re still buds and we’re following one another, too. Looks like you’re stuck with me for the duration, dear! 😀


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