Living Art

One day, your favorite piece of art — a famous painting or sculpture, the graffiti next door — comes to life. What happens next?

garden-angle-tel-avivThis isn’t my favorite sculpture, and it isn’t even mine. I do enjoy artwork, but you won’t find any hanging on the walls or gracing the furniture in Ma’s house (which is where I live now).

When I first read this post, Jackson Pollack came to mind, and only because I thought it’d be fun to make his spit and splatter come alive, summon this garden fairy to action, and just sit back and watch the show.

Then it occurred to me that … this is a freaking fairy!

Forget Pollack and his drunken bouts to fame-ness. I’m in the midst of a living, breathing fairy with musical talent no less, so let the selfish games begin.

Yes, dear thing, play the first thing that comes to mind after being forced to silence and stillness for however long you’ve been that way, falling to ruin in someone’s garden.

I think he might be a little sad from such a sorry state of affairs and would likely choose something along these lines:

Thank you, as well, my fellow Lithuanian, Jascha, for this haunting piece of refinement.

Anyway … I’d let this little guy play to his heart’s content, I think. While I concentrate on my manuscript, gaze out the sliding glass door at the yard, and be thankful this little fairy’s music is capable of drowning out lawn mowers, chain saws, sirens, and whatever else the neighbors do to make racket.

Would I be thinking about making wishes come true? This is a fairy after all. And, the answer is obviously of course. I would be, while the fairy plays on. But, I wouldn’t mention it right away. If this sculpture come to life is capable of remaining that way, then somewhere down the line I’d start asking for things.

Not now. Not this minute. Let the suffering creature play, and let my ears be filled with that music.

Maybe I’d think about searching my unpacked storage boxes for that old flute of mine instead. We can play together and really have a good time.

Poor, sweet thing – I’m glad you came to life, and I’m more glad you’re able to continue playing your music.

Shame on the nasty sorcerer who turned you into stone! He must have been a fan of pop music 😀

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4 Responses to Living Art

  1. sheenmeem says:

    Thanks for the music. Sheen.


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