Strong Female Lead

Transformers-Windblade-2(This is long, and I don’t care.)

Today is Sunday, which means philisophical or otherwise conversation with my baby girl, Midge. She’ll be 23 in another month, but she’ll always be my baby.

Anyway, she’s extremely artistic and loves to draw anime-style anything. She also loves to watch and read this genre, along with comic books like Transformers.

She brought to my attention the strange fact that the introduction of a female character to this story line has somehow managed to generate a lot of haters. Fans of this particular story who are being thrown off kilter as a result.

These same fans who are first to cry, “I like a strong female lead!”

Why? There are a few convoluted reasons behind it, and one is that these Transformers (robots) are supposed to be androgynous.

(Picture me rolling on the floor laughing my fool ass off for a few minutes)

Second, because while WindBlade does have obvious breasts, a cinched waist, and hips with a juicy behind, she behaves feminine, or rational as opposed to being “I want a strong female lead!”

She doesn’t get in anyone’s face when they upset her, and she doesn’t blast away when anyone does something to try and thwart her efforts. This somehow equates to her not being a strong, female lead.

When people make these ‘blanket’ statements – for me anyway – I am in wonderment.

So, you will not, under any circumstances, read anything that doesn’t include this type of female lead? As opposed to a woman who knows how to get what she needs or wants without kicking everyone’s ass to do it?

By strong, do you mean educated, refined, and trustworthy, or tattoo-laden, cuss word equipped, and ball busting?

Do you want this woman in all the stories you read because you are that way yourself?

Do you know a lot of tobacco spitting ball busters in your corner of the real world?

Is it because anyone who isn’t this hard-ass, steel pole bending, martial arts expert is somehow unworthy of being incorporated into any novel to come down the pike?

What, exactly, does it mean to WANT A STRONG FEMALE LEAD?

Another of the many unanswerable phrases being tossed around by the countless anonymous people who grace the internet and want their opinions heard.

The bitch has a sharp tongue, a bad attitude, and the driving force needed to make everyone around her miserable.

The tomboy thinks outside the stereotypical and ingrained-by-their-parents/society mold of what a girl should do, think, say, want, like, and strive for in life.

The ball buster, however, isn’t someone I’d like to meet, much less hang out with in any social or private setting. She’s too abrasive, caustic, acerbic, and scary for my taste. My mind conjures up leather-clad, switchblade wielding, conflict-driven hard-ass with a permanent scowl who chews gum, spits in public, drops F-bombs like Gordon Ramsey, and punches everyone in the face just because.

Those strong females never impressed me.

If by strong you mean this girl rose above her lot in life and made something of herself despite the odds, then yes, I would have to agree. If, by strong female lead, you mean someone who doesn’t use brute force, abrasive posturing, and coarse language to get her way, then yes, I’m all for a strong female lead.

A strong woman doesn’t tolerate injustices, but she doesn’t behave like a raving lunatic as a result.

A strong woman won’t let a guy or her boss push her around or try to humiliate her publicly, but she wouldn’t dream of stooping to his level in order to make that point.

THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING WEAK, either. Stop being judgmental, a bigot, and a prude. Introverts are people, too, and not just of the female variety. They have as much to contribute to society without having to erase themselves in order to survive or succeed. Sometimes, people need to find themselves, but that doesn’t mean they have to conform because society wishes it on them.

Screw society, it’s rigid morays, and all things hip, now, trendy, and cool.

My daughter wanted to know why so many girls her age are against being feminine. What is so wrong with wanting to be a woman? Why do women need to act like men in order to be acknowledged?

I raised her to be proud without being arrogant; graceful without being a wallflower, and strong without being a bitch. I invited her to embrace her curves, her womanhood, and her fairer qualities without being a Barbie who flaunts her wares on social media like she’s the only one with female anatomical parts and then has the nerve to get upset if the wrong fella is attracted.

I was the mother who celebrated her daughter’s first period by taking her out to dinner.

I’m not ashamed of my sex and have no cause to be. I like being a woman. I like being feminine, expecting to be treated a certain way, and looked at as a woman and not an equal. To compare myself with any man makes me laugh. Why would I want to do that? I don’t. They are who they are, and I am who I am. I like it that way. Their sex organ serves its purpose just like mine does. Seeing nicely sculpted guys makes me even more glad to be a woman just as I believe guys feel the same about seeing a nicely shaped woman.


We have this annoying habit of lumping things into stringent categories and refusing to accept that there is GRAY MATTER to life. It isn’t strictly black and white in this world.

Being a doormat isn’t good for your self esteem, but we all know at least one person (guy or girl) who is. Being a wallflower doesn’t help our chances at being successful in the things we want in life, and yet we all know someone (guy or girl) who is this way. Does incorporating these types into a story equal writer suicide?

Today’s Daily Prompt suggested being judgmental, and this topic falls into the same category. I’m not a judgmental person and won’t be incorporating such nonsense into my writing. I won’t be following this bandwagon and creating characters who don’t appeal to me as a woman.

Which means I’ll be generating a following of readers who haven’t leaped inside a narrow, confined space and refuse to budge. They’ll read my writing because they like it without any preconceived notions about what it should contain and how it should read.

That’s just how I roll.


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