Friday Re-Cap


Writing 101 started this week, and I started off on the wrong foot – not surprising in the least, but there you have it.

The space bar on my laptop took a dump two days ago, which makes it extremely difficult to type at the speed of sound, much less type while thinking instead of paying attention – if that makes any sense, and it probably might to some of my fellow writers.

So, my left thumb is getting a work-out, which might be a good thing and along the same lines as my belly, thighs, and arms needing to push their limits as well.

It’s Friday, which means I’m off to the library to return things, browse things for a few hours, pick out things I really, really, Hontōni want, and then check them out where the two, always-smiling, always a pleasure to chit-chat with young things work behind the desk.

It’s June, which means Tag Sale time here in Michigan (or anywhere, for that matter – it’s more about the season, really). I am starting to scan items around the house with my beady, calculating eyes. “I wonder how much this would sell for?” “Would anyone want to buy this, I wonder?” “Is that box of unopened jewelry-making stuff still down in the basement?” “Do people still want DVDs and CDs?” and “Remember, just the yarn, NOT the crochet hooks!”

It takes time for this to culminate into a full-fledged, signs posted here and there, tables up and stuffed, prices stuck on it all, and plenty of loose change in the Yu-Gi-ho! trading cards tin for the first five customers who tend to show up with nothing smaller than a $20 in their wallet.

My daughter loves being in charge, too, which is great for me. Over the years, I’ve become accustomed to NOT wanting to run into the occasional idiot – oops, I mean – obtuse person who attend these gatherings with the sole purpose of trying to make the seller look bad when really …

Like the time I had a very large box brimming with yarn under a table. I thought I was being generous by leaving a lot of plastic bags next to the box for convenience, and doing that 5 for a buck deal, too. All was going well until she showed up. I spotted her as she clomped up the driveway resembling a woman on a mission and groaned inwardly.

Sure enough, she spotted that box, yanked it out into the center of the driveway, rifled through it all, and then looked me dead in the eye: “My son’s school could really use this stuff in their art department. You should donate it instead of selling it piecemeal.”

I smile. She waits for me to agree. I keep smiling.

“When does this sale end?” she asks. “Saturday,” I reply. “I’ll come back,” she says, and adds, “Can I have whatever you don’t sell?” “Of course,” I say. She smiles now. “When does it end?” “At four.” “Great. You’ll let me have all this, then?” “Yes,” I say. “5 for a buck. 6 if I’m feeling generous.”

Those of you who are familiar with me and my … personality … already know this is beyond true. Therefore, I let my daughter handle the people aspect of selling – which I’ve already stated as being something I’m no good at.

The awesome folks over at JuNoWriMo will be pleased to hear that I found my muse! Heck, I’m more pleased than anyone about this. They ran off for a few days, leaving me in their glittery, fairy dust wake, blurry eyed and overshadowed by gray clouds of depressing nothingness, but that is over now!

Last night I started a third story. Yeesh, I know. Silly, silly me. I’ve written 3 stories – well, started 3 stories in less than a month. Two were brand new, though, so that’s something to be proud of at any rate. This new one I started last night is actually a re-write of an old story that was gathering moss in my Story folder in my Personal folder in my Rain’s Desktop area of my laptop.

It’s fantasy meets reality with what I hope are some new, unused, and cool twists, turns, and all things not rehash of this genre. I’m having fun with the characters, too, which is great and helps brighten my own day as much as I’m trying to help these two characters learn how to love one another.

So, here are the stats:

Matt & Staci: 13,340 words

1st Person: 5,680 words

June, 2014 ReWrite: 8,016 words

for a total of  27,036 words

Cheating, I know, but from this day onward I’ll be adding to the 8,016 words story only … finger’s crossed.

And now, on to Writing 101. Let’s hope the prompt isn’t another topic that scares me out of wanting to participate. I need to learn how to be more clever with those things. I’m too literal and take it all too personal instead of for what it’s actually worth: FUN!



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