Writing 101, Day One

Naturally, I’m a little confused about how this works, being a newbie and all.

I was asked to write for 20 solid minutes about anything that I wanted to write about. So, after whipping up a Daily Prompt about dumb stuff, I grabbed a notebook and pen and started writing.

I’m still not sure about the names for my new characters, (this is random stuff about a novel I’m working on) so I chose to write the names of my old characters – to save time and to keep writing for 20 minutes without stopping or thinking.

Here it is



There’s more, but I didn’t feel like scanning it all and then posting it here.

The Writing 101 page told me to post this on my own blog (I’ve suddenly got a new blog after being accepted to The Commons?) and then post the link to the commons. I hope I got that right, because it’s what I intend to do. Maybe the magical new blog that appeared will come in handy later on during this month-long course?

New adventures excite and entice as much as they scare the crap out of and intimidate me.


About RaineBalkera

Aspiring Author of Romance
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3 Responses to Writing 101, Day One

  1. Harliqueen says:

    You’re handwriting is lovely! 😀 The writing 101 sounds like a good exercise!

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