Weather, or not


The idea that the weather and people’s moods are connected is quite old. Do you agree? If yes, how does the weather affect your mood?

Weather and Mood. Maybe copious amounts of one over the other – time – is a factor in this assessment.

And, it might be another misnomer about ‘everyone’ liking a sunny day, too. Blanket statements aren’t my style, and I don’t like making generalizations about people as a whole.

The sun is amazing and does make me smile, but it doesn’t like me back. I know its damaging power on the skin and have avoided prolonged exposure since late high school, when I learned this tragic bit of news.

My eyes, too. Indoors looking out on a sunny day takes some effort, but to be outdoors is impossible without the aid of a thick pair of the darkest sunglasses. I cannot keep my eyes open in direct sunlight. Yes, I’ve tried, silly. My lids flutter until tears form, and then I get a headache.

heat-advisoryThe sun does make me want to get out and explore, though. Just not in cold weather. No.

I like it HOT, and the hotter, more muggy the better. Steaming, sweltering, sweat-dripping, record-breaking heat. I want to be outside while others snuggle up inside their air-con caves and pretends it’s January in Michigan again.

They behave in the heat of summer as I do in the dead of winter.

Here in Michigan, we have two seasons. Six or eight weeks of summer, and then winter. Winter in Michigan is like being pregnant. Annually. Sure, the natural aspects occur with regularity – budding things, buzzing things, they either arrive or leave depending on the season – but not the weather. This doesn’t affect my mood, but it isn’t always a pleasure to anticipate come late August, early September.

I love violent, summer storms and lightning displays day or night, but especially at night. It’s glorious fun to watch, with the sometimes added benefit of hearing thunder, either in the distance or directly overhead that rattles windows or me.

Here in Michigan, we ignore tornado sirens and even tornadoes. As the picture taken two years ago shows.


With a funnel cloud ready to touch down less than a block away, we go outside and take pictures, or continue trimming hedges like the next-door neighbor in the photo.

What. 😀

I love the rain. Rain doesn’t depress or sadden me like it tends to do ‘others’ (or so they say). Rain is best left for the night, when it turns into a romantic, dreamy event that keeps me up late seated by a window hugging my legs and watching with drifting imagination.

Rain and funerals never went hand-in-hand in my life, either – to depress or sadden. Funerals occurred on bright, sunny days while weddings were dreary, rain-soaked events. Mine consisted of flash flooding and thick fog, along with a super nova. Talk about ominous portent!

Fog is amazing. Fog is a rare but welcome weather occurrence in my life.

me, on the way to work

me, on the way to work

Fog is just as some would imagine … a portal into another world. Fog takes me with it on its pea soup or misty journey to whatever and wherever I want it to take me.

Fog is just plain cool and doesn’t make me feel any other way besides excited, happy, and blessed to be in its fascinating grasp.

Weather doesn’t affect my mood. My mind does. Liking and not liking weather isn’t a mood thing but a frame of mind, so even if I hate the cold, that doesn’t mean I’m not happy at such times, but I do have some form of bear in my genes, because I hibernate for the duration. Fish, too, because on those hot, steamy days, its water I crave and a body of water I seek.


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