I Don’t Get It

If you were one part human, two parts something else — another animal, a plant, an inanimate object — what would the other two parts be?

I think I get the question now, for today’s Daily Prompt. I must still be half asleep, or the email from Tech Support about the problem I’m having with my Facebook feed has me distracted. When I first read this prompt, I was like – not even going to bother with this. Why would I want to have a body with a leafy stem and a bushy animal tail on it?


And, always being the Honest Anne here, I wouldn’t mind having a long, bushy tail. After watching Gumiho (koo-mee-yo) Nine-Tail Fox, I began to see its benefits. Alluring almost, but not 9, of course, just one will do.



As for the prompt … I’m not quite sure how to respond. And, again, as I plod along slowly in the newbie category at WordPress, I’m beginning to see where these prompts are meant to inspire me to create some whimsical tale, or a detective novel blurb, or even a romantic dalliance from the so-called inspiring words tossed at me each morning.

If that is the case, then I’ll need to start responding hours or even days after the fact just to come up with something worth showing my fellow DP-ers. That’s no fun, and it isn’t playing by the rules, so for now I’ll stick with being dull and just write down my knee-jerk responses as always.

Inanimate object makes me giggle. I’m still picturing myself with a unicorn head, those pretty tails up there, and the rest of me, only with jet wheels for feet. It’s pretty funny, and ugly, too.

So, I’ll think outside the box and go with the notion that these are INNER workings and not external or view-able. In that case, I’d definitely want the ability to fly (any type of bird or a plane) so that I am able to travel without cost and visit all the places I’d like to before death occurs. Then, I’d like the ability to stay underwater for great lengths of time so that I could view that aspect of our world as well. I can’t think of what sea creature I’d want to morph into, though. Maybe just ask for the gills and fins, with the added benefit of invisibility so I can stay alive on the journey.

I’m too practical (boring) a person to get into this kind of a prompt, too. Which is a shame, because one of my goals is to write a fantasy novel – just my way and not with all of the stereotypical bits thrown in for effect or because I have to in order for it to be mainstream fantasy.

Like, animals are cool and everything, but if you really think about it, would you want to be out in the wilderness, having to hunt for your next meal, and always be on the look-out for someone bigger, stronger, faster, or more ferocious than you are just to stay alive that day? And, what about the hygiene issue? Fleas, ticks, etc. The heat of summer and the cold of winter with inadequate shelter.

Sorry. I’m being a party-pooper, ain’t I?

This is just Funny   and, so is this   or pretty, if you like pretty   the way I think these prompts are supposed to be replied to   more funny stuff


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5 Responses to I Don’t Get It

  1. wscottling says:

    Actually, that’s something a good deal of sci-fi fantasy authors don’t even think about and would be a refreshing thing to throw into a story. “I hate going wolf, I always get fleas.” A bit of realism thrown in there. MOST werewolves are supposed to be the biggest and baddest thing out there so they don’t worry about predators, but I always found that to be yawn. Like Superman being invincible, Where’s the conflict? Where’s the suspense? If your character is the biggest big bad out there, then there’s nothing much to write about. The story is in the conflict.

    So taking someone who’s used to getting their three squares from the fridge and tossing them into the wild (even if it’s a concrete jungle) where they have to forge for themselves AND deal with ticks and fleas, well, that makes a good tale. If you do it right. See? Your mind is on the right track.

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    • RaiBal says:

      LOL – I meant me. I’m too prissy to want to deal with the reality of these suggestions, which made me think it would reflect in my writing. 😀 My fantasy writing would be more along the lines of fairytale mixes with reality, strange and magical instances do occur (to include mutation or shape shifting, I believe is the hipster term) but yes, I would be inclined to have these types suffer the realistic aspects of such an occurrence – which brings on my own angst about going there. 😉 Thanks for reading and responding! I enjoy hearing your comments.


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