A Name for Myself

Daily Prompt

Some writers’ names have becomes adjectives: Kafkaesque, Marxist, Orwellian, sadistic. If your name (or nickname, or blog name) were to become an adjective, what would it mean?

I’ve already kinda/sorta played with my name this way for the Blog Title, and it doesn’t mean anything other than what it might sound like to some … my whatever posts whenever I post them.

It would mean precisely the same thing as it does with the adjectives used to create this prompt, too. My individual style of writing, word choice, sentence structure, nuance, and bite being infused into another’s work. They felt me, caught my unique vibe, and just had to incorporate something similar into their own piece in order to get the point across, or because they like me. They really like me.

Why? Haven’t got a clue. I don’t know that I’m all that witty, clever, intelligent, or capable of either impressing someone enough to have them want to create an adjective to describe my work, or that I choose words so profound to describe or add to anything I have ever written to make someone want to try and mimic my writing. Sure, I’ve got a unique voice and perspective, but then so does everyone else alive and kicking in this world.

There are writers, though, who fit this description. I know some, and I like some, but by profound, I mean writers who get away with using huge or even obsolete words in a way that resonates and interests the reader.

The kind of writing usually associated with movie critics – but those who tend to watch the obscure, late-night, black & white varieties and most-often include subtitles. That kind of writer writing what is as convoluted as the movie they’re trying to get us to like for its artsy, altruistic, and profane glimpses into a life not unlike our own and yet so completely removed from reality that there’s just no other way to convince us without writing in that strange yet Wow! This person is so way smarter than I’ll ever be kind of style.

Yeah, that’s just not me, I’m sure.

What would Rainism’s mean? Rainesque. Rainian. Rainist. Raintic. I can’t see any of them stuffy adjectives being used, much less uttered. To be fair, though, I suppose it might mean “She’s got the grammar, punctuation, spelling thing down pat and isn’t so bad at dialogue, but when it comes to evoking a sense of want to read more, well, that’s where the problems begin.”

So, if it ever becomes adjectival in life, it would be a derogatory or unflattering comparison to the other writer’s writing. Don’t let it happen to you!


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3 Responses to A Name for Myself

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  2. wscottling says:

    That’s awful. I think more like Rainy… comfy with hot chocolate and the best day for writing. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • RaiBal says:

      Funny, that’s what my parents called me as a child (real name Lorain). I didn’t mean to sound awful in my post, but more like funny ha-ha. 😉 Thanks for reading!


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