Magic, Madness, and Good Times


Your local electronics store has just started selling time machines, anywhere doors, and invisibility helmets. You can only afford one. Which of these do you buy, and why?


anywhere door

Why? Because of the three choices, this offers the most and reveals the least.

Traveling through time would have been a huge TO DO item in my youth, but not today, when I’d rather not look back and don’t want to think about what lies ahead. For me or anyone else.

The invisibility helmet isn’t my cup of tea, either. Heck, I’m already invisible and didn’t need to visit the electronics store to buy this super-power, either.  😉

I choose the door – isn’t it pretty?

Travel was, is, and will likely remain one of my very favorite of all pastimes. For no reason whatsoever, and only because the day promises to be spectacular, I’d fill up the tank, load up on fruits & veggies, bottled water, and make sure my mp3 player was fully charged before setting off for parts unknown.

Living in Michigan makes this not only easy but worth the time and effort involved. Kind of like Minnesota, it never takes long to spot a body of water someplace, a rushing river somewhere else, a waterfall here, a state park there, and lots of nifty, one-horse towns time somehow managed to forget in between.

With a magic portal, my love of travel is no longer limited to where I live now and how much I can afford to put in the tank to get where I’d like to be.

In reality, this magic portal is the internet, but we’re talking fantasy so I’ll stick to that. Opening this pretty, magical door and stepping onto a beach in Hawaii, that zoo the late Steve Irwin ran, or arriving at the doorstep of the friends I’ve made overseas … amazing fun!

Any time something significant or with historical greatness occurs, all I’d have to do is step through my magic door and viola! I’m there, watching it unfold. Not too many people can say something that profound, which can be a good or a bad thing depending on what is taking place, I suppose.

I was a bit too young at the time, but imagine being at the Berlin Wall the day it came down. In my late father’s homeland, Lithuania, as they gained independence from Russia. Or, someplace I can appear like magic at this very moment – any anti-fracking rally around the globe.

Most of all, I’d use this wonderful door to go off in search of my doppelganger … wherever she may be.

Everyone is supposed to have one, right? I’m getting older, and I still haven’t seen her wandering around anywhere.

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