Never Give Up



I hope (surely hope) this doesn’t turn into a habit (daily habit) of me feeling inspired (inclined) to post about lessons learned after completing and then browsing all of the other DailyPrompt posts here on WordPress.

The prompt was Great Expectations, and what was my goal for this year, will I obtain it, and if not, how would that make me feel.

Not all of them were the type to make me think real hard about the why and the how and even the when of it all, and some were just downright funny. What I wouldn’t give to have a great sense of humor! Or, should I say A sense of humor?


Well, maybe not EVERYthing, but it became a bit disheartening to read that some people just gave up. Their plans, dreams, hopes, and goals. They don’t go there, refuse to do that now because of this or that or the other standing in the way.

Not that I don’t sympathize or even understand where they’re coming from, because trust me, I know.

It’s entirely true that life has this creepy and even downright spiteful way of settling in and taking over, and then somehow manages to make the life we often dreamed about as unobtainable as winning the lottery or being struck by lightning.

It just happens, and we either accept it, learn how to adapt to it, or shun the thing entirely by running away.

The key word in all this, I think, is defense.

As we age, our tendency to become defensive outweighs our former need to be offensive – and like subjective versus objective – I don’t mean to imply that young people offend and that older people are armed to the teeth.

What I mean is, when you’re on the offensive, you run with the ball and try scoring as many times as you can. When regret-the-worst-regretyou’re on the defensive, it’s your job to stop that runner at all costs.

The runner being your mind, your past, your goals, ideas, thoughts, dreams, etc.

Your position of play has switched, and now you’re made to live by a new set of rules in this game called Life.

The more goals we set, the more plans we make, and the more lofty our dreams become, the easier it is to set yourself up for (failure).

Such an ugly word, isn’t it? And yet, it isn’t entirely true. It’s only the way we perceive the eventual outcome of those hopes, plans, goals, and dreams. There are a lot of funny meme’s about FAIL, and that’s the attitude we should have about the missteps and that which never materialized.

I reached a point in my own life where every last, freaking thing that went wrong was a complete FAIL. That equated to ME being a failure, which in turn had me believing I had no reason to be breathing anymore.

Yeah, I was that bad. That self-annihilating. And over some of the stupidest, most common occurrences in anyone else’s life, too. Uptight, maybe. Ridiculous, most definitely. But, the good news is, I’m not that way anymore. 😀


Everyone has their moments. We all suffer self-doubt, worry, and consequence. I really want this, but what about that? If I go ahead with this, what will happen to that?

Another game-breaker is asking someone else what we should do, how we should think, where we should go, and when.

I think it’s called ADVICE, and for what it’s worth … do yourself a huge favor and don’t. If it’s really hard, do the old standby thing and imagine you’re the only person still living on the planet. There IS no one to ask advice, so sit down, close your eyes, and just think. The answer should come to you eventually.

Again, guilty as sin in that regard. Not that I always asked others to help me walk through life, but that I always considered the feelings, thoughts, opinions of others over my own. Especially when it came to my writing. For a long time, no one even knew I liked to write! There was no way under the sun I would let anyone read it, either.

“I like it, and if even one person said they didn’t, I’d just have to go somewhere and die.”

More of that self-debasing mentality that cripples ones ability to step out and attempt to shine. You deserve a chance to shine, and I’m talking … this is me, this is what I do, and thank you kindly for stopping by … kind of shine.

JUST DO IT mentality that never hurts to try, isn’t always easy, but has ab-fab results if you just give yourself a chance.

Nobody is inspired by a god. A god is an enviable creature who is more than you could ever be. But a great human being – a human who has used every resource at his disposal to do something extraordinary – that is inspiring. ~TELLER in Daily Beast

regret in a bottle kagamine rin message of regret

The Chinese use a Whisper Tree to get rid of whatever sin they’ve committed, grudge they’ve harbored, or even a deep, dark secret they’d like to get off their chest.

The tree has a hole (either drilled or by nature) in which you simply cup your mouth against and whisper away, unburdening and then walking away with a renewed spirit.

Catholics call it confession in order to receive absolution and a clear conscience.

Message In A Bottle scenarios are more freeing than you might think. Whatever it is that crept up on you over the years and put you in a frame of mind that prevents you from going ahead with whatever it is you’d like to pursue, just write that fear down on a piece of paper, fold it up a few times, stuff it into a vessel of some sort, and then deposit it somewhere. Tied to the end of a balloon string, corked in a glass bottle and set afloat, or even buried in the yard.

Find your sacred tree and unburden! Then be sure to walk away with that renewal of spirit before setting forth on your dusted off goal.

regrets-no-regrets-liveStopping yourself from pursuing a dream is the equivalent of willful neglect of your own life. You have consciously chosen to ignore that which is inside you, anxious to get out. Don’t let yourself go there anymore or feel that you aren’t capable because of this, that, or the other. It’s YOU, not this, that, or the other that is keeping it from becoming reality.

Sometimes all it takes is a blip in your live-a-day routine to make you realize just how much you’ve lost out on by thinking the way you do.

For me, it was the ultimate worst work experience to date.

I won’t go into gory detail, but as I drove back home from Illinois to Michigan, my mind was reeling with a million thoughts about my life up to that point. It was decided then and there that no one … and I mean no one … would ever, EVER again push my buttons, treat me like crap, and try lording over me for whatever sadistic reason they deemed acceptable in said business environment.

What I blamed myself for in that nightmarish incident was that I had walked into it with both eyes wide open. It wasn’t what I wanted to do, and it wasn’t where I wanted to be. By the time I got back to mom’s house, I was determined to become a writer. Where I belong and what I do best is being in a tiny den, with my laptop, my music, and my thoughts. Writing. Period.

No more bullshitting myself. No more excuses, regrets, anxiety, and what if’s to hold me back. It was a do or die moment I became completely thankful for having occurred instead of wishing I’d never gone down there in the first place. The brick wall that needed crumbling down on top of me, I think, to wake me up and see just how ridiculous I’d been until then.



Last, but never least, if I can do it, then certainly you can, too. Believe me. If you knew where I came from, where I’ve been, and how I got where I am today, you’d see your own life through a new pair of eyes and WANT what you’ve been denying yourself for so long.

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