A Nomination


It’s always fun to read about people who receive awards and how they went about obtaining them, but now that I’ve been nominated for a Liebster – by my becoming-fast-friends fellow writing blogger, Jule Verde, (thank you kindly, ma’am!) – my being flattered slowly becomes overshadowed by fear of messing this whole process up.

Speaking of fun and cute, this award is the equivalent of chain-mail blog-style. There are a few rules to abide by:

The nominated user must provide a link back to the person who nominated them.

Provide 11 facts about yourself.

Answer 11 questions set by the person who nominated you.

Choose 11 more people and ask them 11 questions.

This isn’t rocket science, of course, and an initial fear of not finding 11 people with whom to reciprocate worried me until I looked over my growing list of friends/followers and went ‘Whew!’ doing the hand thing across the brows.

Jules is a lively woman with a great sense of humor who truly knows her art, so I am happy to link her name (above) to her writing page. Do go have a look when you get a chance. She’s a terrific lady and you’re likely to gain knowledge just by reading her work.

So, the first part of this quest is relatively easy, and I linked back to dear Jules. The second part, not too comfortable with having to do, but do-able nonetheless.

11 Facts About Me – Lorain

1. I attended college twice – 4 full-term years each, 8 years total – but have no degree because both times I failed Algebra and had no more money to continue to try and pass.

2. Every house I’ve ever lived in faced either North or South while every apartment I ever resided in faced either East or West.

3. My favorite flower is the Lisianthus, and my favorite flower scent is Lily of the Valley.

4. I have been a die-hard geek fan of Asian Drama/Movies since 2000.

5. I was a licensed Realtor in Michigan for a little more than a year.

6. I still have a secret crush on a boy I had a debilitating secret crush on back in high school.

7. I have a salt tooth as opposed to a sweet tooth.

8. I detest the wide-spread, casual use in verb or adjective form of the profanity f*ck.

9. I have swam in every Great Lake except for one: Lake Ontario

10. One guilty pleasure that excites me whenever it occurs is tornado-warning weather. I’d make a great storm chaser.

11. My idea of the ideal place to live and/or retire is Kauai – glass enclosure with an ocean view and miles from civilization.

Okay, so enough about me. Next comes my answers to the questions Jules posed:

11 questions set by Jules

If he was ever a part of your family tradition, when did you find out the truth about Santa Claus?

The day I illegally slipped inside my parents bedroom and opened the closet door  😉

If not part of your tradition, was there a particular fable represented to you as truth that you later found out wasn’t true?

That pressing your bellybutton would cause you to deflate like a balloon (along the same lines as crossing your eyes would make them stay that way permanently)

If you were being exiled to a desert island along with three of your best friends, what one board game would you take with you?

chess (someone needs their down time in-between games)

What is the most unusual food you have ever tried?


Name a book that changed your life (or worldview) and why.

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, because up until then I hadn’t given any thought to the environment, but it had started to bug me how every house up and down the block started using chemical services to keep their lawns weed free. I’ve been on the environmental bandwagon ever since.

Star Wars Harrison Ford, or Indiana Jones Harrison Ford?

Star Wars!

What was the very first car you ever owned?

1978 Ford Thunderbird purchased in 1984

If you could own any exotic pet you wanted (and cost/safety/health of the animal wasn’t a factor) – what would it be?

a black panther, of course!

What one thing, uncategorically, is the ONE thing you MUST do before you die?

become rich, beeotch!

If there is one talent (that you currently don’t have) that you could acquire to the point of perfection overnight, what would it be?

to sing

Mayonnaise or mustard?

mayonnaise (ever since I found out mustard is actually more fattening)

Shaken or stirred?


That was fun! Okay, so now on to the next step in this award process:

Choose 11 more people

I’m a Writer, Yes I Am

Journelle Frivolous


A Writer’s Life For Me.

Waking Up

The Story River


A Writer’s Notepad

A Pen Full of Vinegar

Presents of Mind

Writings of a Mrs

and then finally … the hard part …

ask them 11 questions

1. Your favorite song – by whom – and why?

2. Introvert or extrovert?

3. Name one thing you wish hadn’t been crushed or made obsolete by the Digital/Electronics Era?

4. Your favorite author and why?

5. Global warming or hoax?

6. What is the first thing you notice – even before meeting them – about a person you’re attracted to?

7. Are you okay with the way the publishing world is evolving, or increasingly anxious? Why?

8. Genie grants one wish. What will it be?

9. The one that got away. Regret or Valuable Lesson?

10. Fairy Wand offers a one-day trip to your past. Where are you going to go, and to fix/undo/change/find out what?

11. What one aspect about the past (as far back as you care to go) do you wish was still in the present?

And there we have it, folks!

Now, I’m not sure how these 11 are supposed to find out that I’ve taken the liberty of nominating them for the same award, or if I’m to simply leave that up to the powers that be in the WordPress world to get that job done.

I don’t suppose it would hurt to drop each of them a line and let them know, and it would be awesome if they were to let me know when they’ve finished because I’m now overly curious to read their answers to the questions I conjured up!


It seems no one wants to play with me, which makes me very sad 😦  So! I’d like to ask anyone who reads this to go ahead and answer the questions I posed – if you’re up for it – in the comments section below.

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5 Responses to A Nomination

  1. Jools says:

    Hi Raine, I wanted to thank you for nominating me. However… I have compiled responses to two similar awards in recent months and after the last, I decided I wouldn’t do any more. They are very time-consuming, as you’ve probably discovered, and fewer and fewer bloggers respond positively to them. But thanks for thinking of me – I do appreciate it.


  2. Amyclae says:

    Aww! I want to play. I do. I’m just about done with my post. My work has been so hectic. I work for a local public defender’s office for this summer and I am just swamped by work. But truthfully I am almost all done. I’m just going to let it sit for a little longer, come back and edit, then post. Thank you again for the nomination even if my reply was dreadfully late.


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