I Didn’t Die or Anything

compared to yourself


Long time no … blog.

If anyone even noticed or missed me, apologies for making it seem like I walked off the edge of the earth. I didn’t, really, but just decided it was time to stop doing one thing and concentrate entirely on something else. At least until that something else was finished. Which it is … now.


I finished writing and editing, editing, editing, editing, editing, editing, editing, editing, editing, and editing some more until it was done … I think … and then I spent another few DAYS trying to understand and properly FORMAT the .doc file to be uploaded at SMASHWORDS.

I even found a stock photo that only asked me to manipulate the picture of a guitar before being able to use it legally (which I did by adding the story’s title and my by-line at the bottom) and then viola! There it was, ready to go and be available to the rest of the world – or anyone who might be interested in giving it a chance.

Neal’s journey is finally over, and I sent him out into the Indie Published stratosphere of online whatever. Here’s hoping he floats, not sinks.

Seriously, after all the agony a writer goes through trying to put on paper what has been mulling around inside his head for months or even years, sweating bullets trying to make it sound as fascinating as it does in your mind, shedding a copious amount of tears having to edit, chop away like an ax murderer, and then stressing out with worry, anxiety, fear, and even a bit of self-loathing just to get the thing ready for its eventual debut … is wanting to have it recognized for that alone asking for too much?

Anyway, I did it. 😀

I’m going to post a few excerpts on MY WRITING page along with the link, which has a button you can press to download a portion for free. If you like it and want to read the whole thing, I decided to charge $2.99 as an asking price for my labor, love, and devotion to Neal’s story and my hard work.

Until I got rid of the last shred of self-doubt about this decision to go Indie, I didn’t want to blog and risk talking about it too soon. Now that I’m thoroughly over myself and possess no more self-doubt (okay, so maybe there’s a tiny bit of it left somewhere at the back of my mind) I feel confident about sharing the news with the world.

Yes, I’m still not entirely satisfied with the final product, and yes, I’m well aware of the fact it isn’t masterpiece grade or anywhere near such a thing – but WHATEVER. I promised myself back in late December that 2014 was going to be my year to get published, and the fact that I reached that goal (first goal EVER, actually) in mid May is downright impressive and entirely too exciting, I must say.

Oh! And, it took a few days, too, but I decided on a nom de plume by shortening my first name and combining my maiden and married names.

Thanks for reading this, and thanks, too, if you happened to notice I was absent for awhile.

Love you!


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6 Responses to I Didn’t Die or Anything

  1. Jules says:


    And for what it’s worth, I did kinda notice you were missing. Then again, I’ve been kinda missing myself, in terms of blogging. But if you care to look, I did nominate you for an award. 🙂



    • RainMosq says:

      Thank you, Jules 😀 As for nominating me, you’re too kind! Remember to always find time to write or blog.


      • Jules says:

        It hits me in fits and starts, to be honest. I could go weeks without writing a single word, and not caring even a little bit, whereas sometimes even if I sat in front of my keyboard (or notebook) and did nothing but write 24/7, it wouldn’t be enough to get it all out.

        I am confident you understand this great dichotomy of feeling. 😉


        • RainMosq says:

          and how! But, the last time I went that long without writing was ages ago, when housework and married life forced another set of values on me 😉
          I have read your ‘challenge’ award thingy and am in the process of doing as directed – which means it’s going to take me a LONG time to do it that way. I’m no good at following directions because I never get them right away. Hope I don’t screw it up for you! Do I even know 11 other people to add to the list, I wonder? Yikes! Have a great day, and btw … now that I know more about you, it’s a little like we’re kindred spirits, some of the things are that similar.


  2. Lisa says:

    Congratulations! Just the editing process is huge, not to mention the formatting. Did you manage to not toss your computer against the wall during the process? And I absolutely love the quote at the start of the blog.


    • RainMosq says:

      Thank you, Lisa 😀 I actually feel like I still haven’t edited enough, and edited too much. As for formatting, I didn’t throw anything – my style is to shout, cuss, and stomp about with my fists squeezed tight. When I’m calm again, I sit back down and behave like a good little girl should 😉 Thank you for stopping by and enjoying the read.


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