What’s Your Sign?


Another of my FB contributors posts daily affirmations that are religious in nature, but not always. I stick with her because she posts enough positive reinforcement to keep up my strength.

Anyway, before I get back to writing/editing my story, I’d like to share some more Character Development in the form of Astrological Signs and Personality Traits based on a variety of different tests/scenarios/whims.

When you’re writing fiction, you’re capable of fudging a lot of things, including numbers. In your world the grass doesn’t need to be green, the sky blue, or that Taurus people are somehow more intelligent than, say, Gemini. It’s entirely up to you because it’s a world you created – the same way our ancestors from thousands of years ago decided to create these interesting forms of connecting us with the outside realm of the Universe.

Using the astrology quirks and other charted aspects of personality might help with your novel’s characters. They supply the information we may need about the people we’ve created. This, in turn, helps to connect us to more than just that Universe. We need to know precisely what is going on with these people, where it’s taking place, how, and why.

Different Kinds Of Astrology is an article that briefly covers a few of the 80 types out there. There are tabs, though, with more in-depth information about the more popular varieties.

Zodiacs from around the World is another, and with a bit more information about the more popular signs to include personality traits depending upon your date of birth.

One that I’m relatively new to and that I need to find out a bit more about is Pharaoh’s Signs of the Zodiac, with new names, reasoning, and explanation about who you are based on your date of birth. Neat names, historical references, and even whom you associate with from that historical era.

Here is mine:

Sphinx: (December 27 – January 25)

Sphinx is the treasure guardian who could convert himself into the shape of any creature. Those born under this sign can change their attitudes to fit nearly all situations.
They are stern and shrewd and are characterized by an investigative faculty, self-discipline, and high sensibility.
Strengths: While outwardly witty and humorous, in reality they are rather serious, discreet, and discerning.
Weaknesses: They make misjudgments and are sometimes proud and haughty.
Job assumed: Self-employed.

It isn’t as much about you as it is about the characters you’re trying to breathe life into and make them fly in your story. Using such references to build that character will help you to understand them better, I think.

What makes them tick, why they behave the way they do, and what could possibly be their downfall (or rise, depending on their place in the story).

Next, the Mayan Zodiac Symbols, with more new tokens, names, and characters to refer to when developing your fictional characters (or otherwise).

Probably a bit more familiar is the Celtic Animal Signs and their meanings. A bit like the Mayan and Native American astrological aspects, the Celtic rely on The Lunar Celtic Animal Zodiac or Moon Signs to get their energy and advice.

Here are two Native American websites – and again, with two, different versions of the same thing – but when you’re writing about fictional characters, does it really matter? We’re free to pick and choose how we want our characters to act, think, do, and say.

Token Rock and BrownieLocks are useful tools for all your character development needs. Based on when you or your character were born, click on an animal name and find out more about their personalities.

From the Orient, we switch gears and look into Blood Type to get a better idea about the why of our personalities. I have no idea what my blood type is, and unless a hospital is willing to give out that information, I have no idea how to go about finding the answer. All I can do is read what each of the 4 represent and try to decide which best suits my personality. The jury is still out on that answer, too.

Beyond Hallyu is the Korean version and Waking Times is the pseudo-Japanese version of the same thing.

Blood Types-clicknickwordpresscom1

There are even personality traits based on the things you do, like ordering coffee at some trendy store:


And an old favorite that I ended up being tested for three times in my life, and all three times the answer turned out to be something new. I took this to be a good sign and a classic indicator of maturation throughout life.


However! I think it needs to be pointed out here that while I can understand the need for some people to label others as being worthy or unworthy it behooves me to cry foul here. Unstable and Stable, to me, are the equivalent of Black and White, Africa and South Africa, British and USA, etc.

Yin and Yang need to learn how to co-exist and accept one another for who they are. Which doesn’t mean they aren’t welcome to try and change a little or even give/take when it comes to these traits. Does anyone work in an office where everyone is Sanguine? How much work could possibly get done if everyone thinks they’re too good and too above it to get the work done? A room filled with nothing but thinkers and not enough doers can’t be all that productive.

Also, this type of chart helps to figure out why there would be tension and disharmony among the characters you’ve created. I can’t stand bullies, haters, and mouthy types any more than a bitch is likely to enjoy my phlegmatic company. I see them as bulls in a china shop, their brows furrowed, lips peeled, high heels clicking loudly against the marble tiled floor, and shoving aside anyone who stands in their way. They likely view me as a some milquetoast wallflower with the gumption of a sloth and zero personality.

She would smile and feel proud of being the first one to the counter with her purchase and completely oblivious to the chaos left in her wake while I would still be mulling about near the door, smiling internally at how much it will cost her for being such a selfish, inconsiderate fool. Imagine the story line possibilities with that one occurrence, too.


This one is cute, and a bit more realistic, too. After studying this chart on driving habits, it seemed almost accurate in my case. I’m too embarrassed to say where I fall on this wheel, but it is useful to helping in your character development either for yourself or the people you’ve conjured up for your next novel.

Those who grew up one way eventually evolve into someone else entirely depending on the type of character trait you’re working on in your story. Thinking one way about a subject will likely change with things like proof, time, and reading enough on the subject to become so fully aware of its right/wrong aspects, etc.

I didn’t get my license until I was 23, but I drove as stupid and blind as any 16 year old on the planet. After giving birth, it became imperative that I slow down, yield, and obey. Now that the car seats are gone, I’m reverting back to a lead foot with issues. But, in an open-road, Top Gear kind of way. My need for speed knows no bounds – but it doesn’t occur on an expressway or during rush-hour. I seek out open roads at easier times of the day/night to indulge.

Nothing says freedom like finding your own bowling alley lane at twilight, turning up the stereo, and putting your foot down at full throttle. 🙂

One last image to help get your creative juices flowing:

Zodiac Hidden Desires-tumblr_m7e4734ulD1r0qubmo1_1280



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