Opinion vs Knowledge

I’m writing again. And thinking some more. Taking notes as I go. Walking around the house for exercise and clearing my mind of all things negative.

I’m writing once again. 🙂

Still, I can’t seem to get past the morning ritual of browsing the internet. I can’t break the habit (bad or not) of opening e-mail, scanning the Pages Feed on Facebook, and then going over to Pinterest to pin and then find new pins to pin.

Thankfully, I no longer play silly games and have dumped a majority of the other places I once visited on a daily basis. I can’t even get into my LinkedIn profile anymore – they keep telling me I don’t know my password.

Don’t care. Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. I don’t care. I’ve found my voice, I am sticking to a goal, and I’ve gone through a lot of rough patches to get where I am today.

Then I became involved in this silly thing called the Great Oxford Comma Debate. The foreign aspect gives one reason to ponder, and yet I am all for its use. At least now I know why it is so extremely difficult to understand a lot of the titles and first paragraphs written for The Guardian. 8 out of 10 times I’m forced to read, re-read, and read again out loud, then ask my mother to listen as I read again, before it finally makes sense. (Maybe I’ll do a blog on that very phenomenon, who knows).

Anyway, when I was done with FB, I headed over to Pinterest and just had to do a screen capture of my homepage there. It was too funny not to do it, and I hope you will agree.

pinterest conflict

Now, when I say there is a lot of bad advice out there, this is perhaps proof of my being right. Side by side on a writing page, we have two examples of the exact opposite meaning. So, are the five senses worth using in a story or not? Are they not used enough or too often? Which are we to believe? The one that has the catchier image attached?

To be honest, I had no idea that this was even a topic of interest until the other day, when I read a bit more on how best to incorporate sex scenes into you romance novel. I’ll blog about that another time, too. The point here is to show myself (and maybe you) that advice is only worth the paper on which it’s printed. Think about that for a second.

Because new generations are growing up with the sad and misinformed notion that everyone is right and no one is wrong, it stands to reason that confusion will and likely does reign supreme in this day and age. Everyone has an opinion – that’s as old as the hills – but opinion versus fact are two separate things. Backing up opinion with evidence is nice, but like the image above, who is right and who is wrong?

Do I want these two people critiquing my work? I don’t think so, because it will only confuse me more. I’ll be hearing opinion and nothing that has anything to do with my work but more about their opinion of my work. It doesn’t help.

I’ve been with Facebook for six years now and already lost interest, but in its heyday not too long ago, I became overwhelmed by the amount of hate and mudslinging posts that glutted my feed on the hour every hour of every day for close to two years. Suddenly the people I thought were buddies ended up being worst enemies who arbitrarily un-friend-ed me not because I disagreed with their messages but because mine weren’t in line with theirs.

I’m sure we all know and can relate to this.

You stay on your side of the fence and I’ll stay on mine. Good neighbors have strong fences. Etc.

Stupid, silly, childish nonsense that wasn’t in my head until this started having serious and sometimes lethal consequences in the real world.

But, despite it all, I came away unscathed and still believing that people who think their opinion is the only opinion have no place in my life. I’m still happy with that. They’re welcome back, and they’re welcome to those opinions, too. I never said anything against their opinions. But, if I’m not entitled to my own in their eyes, then that is a problem.

I will continue to use the Oxford Comma (stupid name for comma use in succession – apples, oranges, and pears) and I will continue to interject in my writing. I will explain scenes, surroundings, settings, people, and things. I will continue to write the way I know how and let it go at that.

Hopefully, when I do find a publisher willing to work with me, that they aren’t opinionated but knowledgeable instead and can guide me to success using that knowledge – keeping their personal opinion out of the equation for the duration.

Next up … my favorite words and then I’ll maybe write about British writing and The Oxford Comma, who knows.



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2 Responses to Opinion vs Knowledge

  1. Harliqueen says:

    Great article and I completely agree! There is so much ‘advice’ out there we are bombarded with, but we have to stick to who we are and how we write.

    Glad to hear you’ve found your writing voice, it’s so easy to become distracted 🙂


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