Writing in Deep POV

This is too funny. Another article I swore I wasn’t going to look for OR at until I finished my first novel. But, in my own defense, I wasn’t searching for anything technical on writing. I was wasting time avoiding editing by browsing through Pinterest when I came across this image:

 and then clicked the link to read the subsequent article on Writing in Deep POVBY JUSTIN MCLACHLAN

This is a good thing, though, because it just takes me right back to my original way of injecting viewpoint in my own writing. I am right and I am wrong, but this article proves I am right – in at least one instance – which is good.

I also read a FB post about trying to make every instance of your writing memorable, provocative, and exciting even during the bridge moments and brief transitions between episodes in your story. Fascinating thought and something I’m sure I’ll strive to perfect as I go along.

Anyway, this Writing in Deep POV is a phone-friendly, brief article on how it’s done. Glad I came across it, and thank you Mr. McLachlan for posting.



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