Back to Basics


And on that note, I intend to do just that.

Decide to back off from negativity for awhile and get back to what is important. Me and my dream, my intuition, and my will to succeed.

To seek out a professional or simply submit to open publishing houses and let the raindrops fall where they may.

I learned how to recognize the faults of my POV for the first time ever. The opening line will plague all writers, not just me. And, I am more confident than ever about my grammar and punctuation knowledge.

Conflicting advise, though, is never a good thing when you are on the road to self-improvement. One person says one thing and someone says another thing entirely – about the same thing. My brain isn’t wired to process and figure this out. Being lead into confusion by misguided notions does not help.

I learned how embellishing doesn’t need to be avoided while also watching out that it doesn’t take over the work. Keep it simple. I learned how to read my writing out loud to get a sense of what a potential reader hears instead of assuming that what I’m typing is exactly what is running around inside my head. Assumptions are always bad in any walk of life. Keep it in mind.

The other stuff – the conflicting advice – I am throwing out. Things like name versus pronoun, tell versus show, dialogue versus imagery, and that style does have a set of rules that must be followed. Giving away too much at the start for the sake of interest, and forgoing an idea I know will work just because the idea isn’t question/answer within seconds of it being posed. We all want to know who’s going to end up on that ugly Throne, don’t we? How great would Game of Thrones be as a 2 hour movie? By comparison, how many 2 hour movies can you think of that should be a television series instead?

Going back to the start of this journey doesn’t depress or annoy me, either. Getting caught up in the moment is something I’ve done on occasion and sometimes it works, sometimes not. That’s life, though. This journey needs to go back to the basics and get itself back where it belongs – in the moment.

There are books at the local library that are helpful, and my own bookshelf works, too. Re-write, submit, absorb the critiques, and keep moving forward. This isn’t such a bad idea.

Call me a rebel.


Old-school education and to some extent mentality about writing is another issue, I know. But, again, I embrace my world as it stands and continue to learn and grow while also maintaining the values and beliefs that helped me to get where I am today.

I do not wish to be anyone’s hero but do believe I hold the potential to create heroes with my imagination and talent as a writer.

This train derailed, but there were no casualties. Set-backs and wasted time, yes. Property damage, in the thousands. Nothing that can’t be fixed, set to right, and made to run again.

As good as new.


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One Response to Back to Basics

  1. Amyclae says:

    Yeah, just fuck those clowns.


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